Piling Is Essential to Building a Firm Foundation for Your Building Project—A Summary of Methods

Piling Is Essential to Building a Firm Foundation for Your Building Project

Foundations are the most important part of any building; without them, a structure cannot stand strong and secure no matter how well the rest of the building is constructed. Piling consists of the stakes and posts driven deep into the ground to make a firm foundation for a large building. If you are in the construction business, you already know the importance of having good piling for your building projects. Next time you need piling, find a great company to work with that has every kind of piling you could need and does excellent work. Call today to find out more information about your options.

CFA Piling

This type of piling consists of a flight auger being drilled into the ground, and once it is at the correct depth, it is filled with concrete while the casing is slowly removed. CFA piling is very strong, though the bearing weight and settlement is often determined by how experienced the operator is and how the piling is installed.

Open Bore Piling

Open bore piling is a technique that is best used in open fields, in sand, chalk, or water, as well as near other buildings (because it causes little vibration). To install this type of piling, a rotating auger displaces the soil or other ground material, and then a steel cage is placed at the bottom of the hole and filled with concrete. This equipment is more mobile than with other types of piling, which makes it convenient in tight areas.

Contiguous and Secant Piling

This piling technique holds back the soil so that basements and retaining walls can be constructed. It can be used on unsuitable ground or where there is a high water table, and can even help build watertight walls. This technique also causes little vibration so it suits high-traffic and residential areas.

Driven Cased Piles

To install this type of piling, a cased pile is hammered into the ground. This is a flexible method because it is simple, causes less noise than other methods, and the casings can be cut to fit the needed specifications. If you need piling services in London, make sure to use a company that can provide a variety of piling methods to make sure you can get the right kind of foundation for your building project.

Since piling is so important when building a new structure, you should do a lot of research to find an expert and professional piling company that can provide the exact piling method you need for your project. These methods include CFA piling, open bore piling, contiguous and secant piling, and driven cased piles. Each method works for different conditions, so be sure to consult with your piling company about which one is right for your needs.

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