Rome – the city of seven hills

Rome - the city of seven hills

Rome offers many thing and one must spend more than week to experience many of these. The complete trip will include visit to ancient Rome, shop at Porta Porese which is a flea market, climb top of St. Peter’s Basilica, and much more. The list goes big since the city is full of interesting things for tourists. For taxi services check here

Let’s look into some of the places which must be on tourist’s list.

Trevi Fountain:

This is a must see place in Rome. This is situated in a place which is considered as high concentration of nightlife, shopping, and mainly hotels. Trevi is best example for baroque design and it is exceptionally a mythological character. Oceanus, who is known as the god of the see emerges here from the pool. On both the side it has trusty Tritons. In 2015 November this has reopened after undergoing restoration for which they spent multimillion euros.

According to their beliefs one must throw a coin into Trevi. They must throw it in their right hand. When throwing they must throw it over left shoulder. When this is done, it ensures the person will return to Rome. In future they will fall in love with Roman and that person will marry same Roman. People prefer to visit this place at night.

St. Peter’s Basilica:

This is centered in Vatican City and this is considered as epicenter when it comes to Roman Catholicism. This offers free entry and open daily. Tourists prefer to trek to the top of this dome. They want to take panorama of spectacular landscape of Rome. On Wednesday’s it is possible to catch a glimpse of pope. With songs and prayers they address audience in St. Peter’s Square. When visiting Rome for taxi services check


This was a Roman Temple. But now it is utilized as a church. This is popular for its perfect propositions. This was a piece from A.D 120, which is really amazing. Here one can pay their respect to Raphael. This can be visited free and tourists say this is a must see place in Rome.


This was started in 80 A.D. it was able to hold 50000 soectators. 573 yards is the circumference and majority of the experts have opinion that this is an engineering wonder. For many gladiatorial fights this was a site.  Anytime there will be queue at this place. This is favorite place for tourists. But they also allow buying tickets for this at Roman Forum. To beat the day crowd, many tourists prefer night visit for this place.

It is better to book tickets well in advance. Most of the visitors prefer guided tours for this type paces because they can provide with wealth of knowledge.


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