Six benefits of digital signage in education

Six benefits of digital signage in education

Digital signage is transforming schools and universities to keep up with its technical-savvy students. Students can read digital signs and are used to doing all things digital. Schools and colleges need to embrace the technology or risk turning off – or indeed turning away – students. Here are six benefits of digital signage.

Great for the image

Having digital signs will change the impression students, parents, inspectors and visitors have of you. Digital signage says your educational establishment provides a modern and stimulating environment. It shows you are willing to embrace change. It also looks better than an old-fashioned noticeboard and thus enhances your image.

Cuts costs and good for the environment

You don’t need to use so much paper and printer ink once you’ve installed digital signage. No more photocopies. You can save on your advertising budget because you won’t need to advertise events in the local media. You can reach your audience digitally.

A better way to learn

Students are used to interacting with technology – they are on their phones and tablets constantly. So textbooks are a turn off for them. Use digital signage such as a screen and media player in lessons and they can relate to it more. It doesn’t have to be complex and we’re used to interacting with retail signage for some time now – to buy products or find out where certain products are located in a store. So we just need to make signage relevant to places of learning. You can find out more by visiting for inspiration.

Easy, eye-catching information

Digital signage can be used to convey so much information such as facilities and resources; the latest news from your school; health and safety issues, exam achievements and school sports results using video and photography.

Instantly update information

Because it’s digital, you can instantly update any information in real time – No more typing information out, photocopying it and physically handing it out. Now everyone can instantly see the message you want to convey.

Makes money for you

You could examine the possibility of renting out displays to certain companies who want to target your student demographic. They would be willing to pay to reach their target market. So you can make money. Your digital displays are a profitable, clean, effective and instant way to engage your audience.

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