The 10 Educational Blogs Essential For The New Course

New Course

There are many blogs about education that are worth visiting from time to time. Teachers, educators, family … in short, people interested in education and who want to share their ideas and knowledge about it with us. They are great proposals that help us improve our education every day! Do not miss a detail of this list:

  1. Justify your answer: Santiago Moll, professor of Language Castellana, gives teachers tips and tricks to fill the day-to-day in the classroom with motivation and inspiration. A space full of original articles, highly recommended!
  2. The digital whiteboard : An interesting space where to inform and be to the last of everything related to the new technologies for education and training. Educational applications, 3D printing, classroom devices … do you already know everything?
  3. Technology Education:  A website full of tools and tips to integrate ICT in class, with video tutorials and interesting resources for teacher training. From our collaborator, Celestino Arteta .
  4. Wwwhats new: Although it is not a purely educational website, you will often find very useful news on the latest developments in free apps, internet and other resources that can be very interesting for your classes.
  5. I’m in it …: Paco Montero is a blogfesor (as he says) that tries to be always active, always learning. And all that learning turns him on his blog, a space where the difficult thing is not find something really interesting.
  6. The Blog of Save : An interesting space full of reflections on the education of the hand of Salvador Rodríguez. They are articles for reflection, that surely will not leave you indifferent. Are you going to miss them?
  7. Eduteca: Winner of the prize for the best blog of educational resources SIMO Education of last year, “eduteca” is a space where you can find even what you were not looking for: resources, ideas, activities, reports, news …
  8. Miren’s class: How often would you love to be able to look through a hole in a classroom teaching staff? Do not forget to stop by this blog, where a nursery school teacher hangs the original projects she does in class.
  9. Manu Velasco’s Blog:  Manu is defined as a “teacher with feet on the ground and head in the stars”. And, certainly, the genius own illustrations that adorn your blog make us blindly believe that it is. It will surprise you.
  10. The shell: Surely on more than one occasion you have found in our Twitter account some mention of one of their articles. Dolors Reig, expert in education 2.0, reflects on different aspects related to education and new technologies. Essential!

Do you know any blog about education that you would include in this list, which serves as reference in your teaching work? Share it with us! We will collect them to create a monthly publication of the best educational blogs.

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