The Best CBD Oil Muscle Pain Relief Cream

Best CBD Oil Muscle Pain Relief Cream

When consumed orally, usually in pretty high does, the best of CBD oil’s effects can be felt in a very substantial relief from chronic pain and soreness, from old injuries or simple arthritis. This is because when the CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system it triggers an anti-inflammatory response which can sometimes be all you need for relief from soreness you didn’t even realize you had. So what’s the best CBD oil cream for muscle pain relief then?

Well the answer to that isn’t so simple. Science has been unable to clarify how CBD might interact with your end ocannabinoid systems through topical application. What that means is it isn’t exactly known yet how efficiently CBD can be absorbed through skin, if at all even. There’s no reason not to try CBD oil muscle pain relief creams, because of course there are no side effects to worry about. Be wary, however, of spending top dollar on a product that skillfully markets the presence of CBD in the ingredients. Most of these creams consist of well known natural ingredients which can be extremely effective in their own right in reducing your post-workout soreness. It’s just not at all confirmed yet if CBD would have much to do about it when applied to the top layer of your skin only.

 If you live somewhere that has legalized cannabis, you may have better luck in the topicals department with a cream that has a ratio of 1:1 CBD:THC, as well as other cannabinoids thrown into the fold. It’s these diverse recipes which people swear by the most for their healing and pain relieving effects. For anyone a little less fortunate living in an area that hasn’t quite updated their legislation yet, Hemp Balm by Elixiniol can’t do you wrong. While more generally used as a skin moisturizer, the soothing natural ingredients offer a cooling sensation to tense muscles.

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