1. Hins

Understand: “Healthy is the new Sexy”, yes because before starting her blog Amel was not at all sporty, and then she started running, then fitness and many others until losing 12 pounds , Become a bomb, and give us all its good sports and nutrition advice.
2. Anne & Dubndidu

Blogueuse fashion blogger fashion AND sporty, Anne gives us all her sporting tricks with style! If you are preparing for the We Own The Night race this Sunday, his articles will help you a lot.
3. Lucile Woodward
Lucile is the coach of normal girls, students mowed, mothers outdated or working girls overwhelmed. Between two book releases, she shows us in video how to do sport easily at home and reveals her nutrition tips.
4. Josy Running

Our two favorite Josy run marathons, eat fruit granola and always look great in color! Thanks to them you will be able to discover all the good sports plans in the whole France.
5. Sport Seed

Marie loves pink, works in a feminine magazine, but in reality it is a warrior! No doubt that this pretty blonde sporty and well-liked will make you love the sport.
> Abroad:
6. Girls gone strong

An ultra motivating blog where real women tell their sporting achievements, their goals and their tips for losing weight or having a healthier lifestyle.
7. Lazy Girl Running
You would also like to do 10km in fluorescent pink legging but you have never run in your life? Fonce at Decathlon and quickly read the site of Lazy girl Runneuse. Come on we find ourselves on the semi!
8. Lauren Conrad
First of all a beauty and lifestyle blog, the “Get Fit” section of Lauren’s blog is full of “soft” sports tips and healthy recipes. Perfect before summer!
9. I-Runner

This blog is simply the bible of the girls or boys runners!
10. Fitness on toast

Welcome to the world of Barbie gymnast! Faya is pretty, blonde, tanned and especially sports coach. You want her body? He’ll have to read his blog!

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