Top 3 Places to Buy Used Car Parts Online

Buy Used Car Parts Online

Do you need a new car part for your motor? Is it about time those windscreen wipers were replaced? No matter how trivial or vital your car part replacement needs are, you should always begin by looking in the best places. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t sweat. Below we’ve covered the top 3 places online to buy used car parts!

Buying new car parts is stupidly expensive, when used car parts might be just as good or even better. Find out where to find these budget affordable used car parts here.

#3: eBay

eBay certainly has a lot of useful bits and pieces on their… for the right buyer. However the website really isn’t designed for car parts to be sold on, and as such you’ll find that it’s harder to find what you’re looking for.

While eBay isn’t the best place to find very specific, rare or expensive car parts for unusual cars, eBay does have a large number of different sellers from across the world which makes it invaluable when searching. It doesn’t make the number 1 spot on this list, but it’s still a pretty great place to start hunting.

#2: First Choice

Established in 1991, first choice claims to be the UKs leading car part finder, but clearly it has limitations and it doesn’t make the top spot on our list. This is for a few reasons, but firstly we should point out that they do have quite a range of different car parts and if you’re turning up nothing on eBay, this is a place many people turn to.

The biggest problem with First Choice is that it’s limited to the UK and to even see the parts available you need to fill in a mass of forms on their website. They find the parts you need and contact you with a quote. If you’re busy, this is not ideal and furthermore, it’s unclear from their website what the delivery costs will be. This is why First Choice just isn’t our first choice any more.

#1: Autoparts24

This is hands down the best place to buy used car parts in Europe. This website is solely dedicated to used car parts which is a major advantage. The people who run Autoparts24 and the sellers that provide used car parts on the website are all dedicated to this cause, unlike the many various sellers you’ll find on eBay.

They are Europe’s biggest market for second hand car parts and they also have a 8.9 trustscore on trustpilot as of September 2017. On their website you can find parts for a huge range of different car manufacturers, from Audi to Volvo.

No matter where you are in Europe, you can find the right car parts and have them delivered straight to your door (for free) with Autoparts24. You can find there website here at

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