Top 7-Seaters Cars:

Top 7-Seaters Cars

SUV’s and 7-seater cars have stood their solidarity and have excellent performance. Over the years, we have seen many 7 seater cars that have been premium and equally efficient. Now, Tata is back with its SUV model, the Tata Hexa with butch styling. It’s easily Tata’s one of the most modern looking car with its impact design philosophy. On a wider spectrum, its features and design are top notch imposing.


  • It is powered by a 2.2 litre diesel engine that delivers a good 154 horse power to the wheels. The torque is on higher side with a 400 Newton metres of torque that is enough to power the band.
  • It offers both manual and auto transmission with new six speed gears. So, with a smart unit, you can easily rake up speeds up to three digits effortlessly as there is minimal puffing and heaving.
  • Along with this, a sports mode is bundled in which the revs are held for longer so that both engine and gearbox adapt that you want to rush. Additionally an option to manually Shift the tip-tonic feature is provided.
  • Now with the super drive modes being added, you can essentially pre-set your car for driving in any situation. Just by rotating the dial, you can switch the modes from auto, dynamic, comfort and the rough road mode. When in auto mode, the car adapts to the road and driving conditions and when in comfort mode, which is better for efficiency and perfect for day use, the car jumps to RWD. As there is a demand torque that enables power being sent to all the four wheels, the rough road mode is a healthy option.


The car comes in both 6 and 7 seater configurations that are perfectly bolstered. In the 7-seater variant, the middle row slides and folds flat but there is no legroom out there at back. It is speculated that it will effectively over take Safari as the new Tata flagship model. It can provide a healthy mileage of 14-15kms/l. The pricing of the car has also been around Rs.15 Lakh that surely competes with the likes of Innova and XUV500.

  • Powerful
  • Fantastic drive
  • Comfortable and ably spacious


If you’re looking for top 7-seaters cars, then your search ends here with all new Tata’s Hexa that has all the advanced features and is priced lower than the likes more expensive SUV’s like Toyota Innova and others. It does go quite a few notches up with its off-road capability and primes over its predecessor. It packs in a powerful engine and gearbox combination that can rattle down all other cars with its performance and steering feel. But as it goes, it has still got some issues like the front centre armrest isn’t enough and can better function as a storage bin, also  the climate control display is weirdly placed allowing the driver to see only the bottom half. Also, there is no such dead pedal which can be bothersome while driving long distances. But apart from these, it is a supreme car with power-packed performance.

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