Top ideas for dressing your windows

Top ideas for dressing your windows

The windows of a room are often overlooked when it comes to adding a personal twist. However, they are often a subtle focal point as well as the chief source of light, and offer a great opportunity to complete the design aesthetic of your room in a cohesive, eye-catching way.
Below, we take a look at some of the best ways to give this overlooked feature a bit of attention.

1. Refresh and repair

Before turning your attention to design, take a practical look. Are the windows clean and stable? Are the frames in a good state of repair or are you losing unnecessary heat? A study published by BBC news recently found that many homes are wasting money and energy over the winter, and that a great way to stay warm cost-effectively is to keep windows in good repair.

You may be able to refresh your windows simply with a bit of elbow grease and a thorough clean. But if the problem is more severe, or you simply feel like a change, then consulting a reputable company like can be a great first step. They provide solutions for windows and doors in Dublin, but with a bit of research, you can find a reputable company wherever you are based.

2. Blinds or curtains

Depending on the style of the room, consider what mood you would like to create. For a bedroom, where good quality sleep is paramount, both blinds and curtains are available in the blackout variety. This means that less light is let in that will disturb your sleep. In other parts of the house, blinds can create a contemporary and practical feel, whereas curtains are perfect for luxury, cosiness, and even a vintage style.

3. Colour or monochrome

Curtains and blinds come in an array of shades, and you should not feel pressured to always select a neutral shade like grey or beige. Neutrals can be timeless, but you can also reflect your personal style with colour, prints, or just a pop of colour. Curtains and blinds can be a great place to add a little personality, even if you want the rest of the room to remain quite neutral and sleek in design.

With some creative and practical thinking, you can dress your windows in a stylish, practical way that reflects your taste and personality.


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