Underwater Paradise in Wakatobi National Park

Underwater Paradise in Wakatobi National Park

What is heaven? Some of us are really interesting of what heaven is. This place is called as the most beautiful place in universe, and this place is not in this world. Then, this word is also used for the place in this world that have beautiful scenery. One of them is Indonesia. Indonesia is full of beautiful places called heaven. Many tourists call Indonesia as the most beautiful country in the world. That is with sme reasons of course. Indonesia has many beautiful places in the world. It can be the mountain, beach, island, or even jungle, Indonesia always have miracle in every inch of the land. Then, one of them is Wakatobi. What is Wakatobi?

The beautiful underwater paradise in Wakatobi Indonesia is known throughout the world. Wakatobi National Park is located south east of Sulawesi, between the Banda Sea to the north-east and the Flores Sea to the south-west. This place consists of four larger islands. Those are Wangi-Wangi island, Kaledupa island, Tomia island and Binongko island. This place is also surrounded with many small islands such as Tokobao island, North Lintea island, South Lintea island, Kampenaune island, Hoga and Tolandono island. Wakatobi is the third largest marine park in Indonesia. Wakatobi islands, or known as the Tukangbesi island is called by some tourist as Underwater Nirwana. What is actually special from this place, that make this place is different than any other place in the world?

  1. Wakatobi has the highest number of reef and fish species in the world.

What can is say about this fact? That is the truth that this island, this national park, is the place who has the highest number of reef and fish in the world. There is no lie that people call it as Underwater Nirwana, because of the fact. However, that is not the only thing that make this place very special.

  1. The islands are form the second largest barrier reef in Indonesia.

There is the very awesome fact that Indonesia is the second largest barrier reef in Indonesia. This place is onlynot bigger as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. With that fact, there is no doubt that Wakatobi is the home of large and small fish species, dolphins, turtles and even for whales. Thus, if you go there, you can see also many species of sea animal there, in this marine national park. That is the the reason why Wakatobi is called as the underwater paradise in Indonesia.

That is Indonesia. Full of wonderful thing. Wakatobi is one of them. With the beautiful underwater paradise in Wakatobi, Indonesia makes themselves as one of the most to visit country in the world. There is nothing to be doubt about it. With the beauty of Wakatobi, Indonesia is really worthy to visit. With the coral, the fish, and the circumtances in the sea, Wakatobi gives us something that we can forget. Thus, if you want to go to this place, let’s go and create your memory here, in the underwater paradise in Wakatobi.

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