Upgrading Your Home Utility Meter

Upgrading Your Home Utility Meter

The existing meters within your home are likely to now be decades old, having been installed when the property was initially built. These analogue devices are time tested and should continue to function well and reliably but there is now more up to date technology available that you could benefit from.

Here we’ll share with you some of this technology as well as demonstrate how upgrading your meters could be beneficial to you.

What Are Utility Meters For?

The main purpose of any domestic utility meter is to record how much energy your property is using. Without one, there would be no way of knowing just how much electricity and gas you were using.

An analogue counter has traditionally been used to do this job and sits within your properties energy infrastructure, counting each unit as it passes through pipework.

These counters display a number which tells you just how much energy has been used in a given period which can then be reported to your utility company for billing.

What Would a Meter Upgrade Involve?

Most upgrades would involve the installation of a newer type of smart meter. These smart meters are essentially digital and are much more advanced than the older analogue type. Furthermore, these meters are able to communicate wirelessly with a standalone network used specifically for the task of relaying this information back to your energy company.

Once installed, a smart meter would be able to provide real-time data to you about your energy usage profile and show you ways you could reduce it. Each meter will usually come with a simple to use control panel and colour display to assist you.

Upgrading a Gas or Electricity Meter

If you were to proceed with a meter upgrade, the most common option is to replace both your electricity and gas meter. Smart meters do not yet cover water supplies but may do in the future. Meter upgrades are usually carried out by your own utility company who you already have a contract in place with. You might have already been approached to gauge your interest, but if not, it’s just a case of picking up the phone to see if you’re eligible.

Do note that the installation of a smart meter should be free of charge as the cost is included as part of your ongoing service contract.

Would a Smart Meter Benefit Me?

That would depend on how well you are currently able to manage your electricity andgas consumption. If you’ve never had an issue with high energy bills where you couldn’t understand the reason for such heavy consumption, you will likely be fine without one.

If on the other hand you are regularly shocked whenever your heating bill hits the doormat, we would definitely suggest looking into a smart meter upgrade.

You will often find that even just regularly reporting your energy consumption can go a long way to reducing your bills as they will now be accurately calculated rather than based upon an estimation that might not be representative of your current usage profile.

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