Want To Get Your House Painted? 5 Things You Should be Aware Of

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Tired of the same old, dull walls of your home? Maybe it’s time to get your house repainted.  Here are five things you should know before getting your home painted.

Homeowners planning to revamp their homes should start with repainting. Old and dull walls not just affect the overall appeal of your home but also reflect badly on the dwellers. While painting can be fun, when it comes to your house, it’s better to rely on experts for the job. This will ensure quality work, time-savings, safety, and faster completion of the project.

But if it is the first time that you are planning to get your house painted, here are a few important things you ought to know:

  1. Remove the Furniture and other Items

Make sure that you first remove as many items from the room as possible before the painting begins. This includes furniture, wall hangings, upholstery, outlet covers, switch plates, and every thing that you can easily remove and move. If the entire house is to be painted, you can look for a storage unit or get the rooms painted one by one so that you can shift the items to a room that is not currently being painted.

  1. Move things to the Centre of the Room if they are too Heavy

If there are things in your room, like furniture, which are heavy or cannot be moved to a different room, shift them to the centre of the room. Make sure that they are away from the walls and remain covered throughout the duration while the painting is being done. Avoid keeping things in the hallway as they can result in accidents or  become collateral damage.

  1. Protect the Floor

Assuming that you don’t want to replace the floorings too, ensure that you protect it before the painting session begins. There are many different ways in which this can be done. You can use newspapers, plastic sheets, or professional drop cloths to keep the floors protected. You can consult with the painting service provider to know more about the different ways in which the floor can be protected.

  1. Select the Right Paint

With so many colours and brands now available, selecting the right colour for every room of your home can be difficult. Should you pick something dark or light? Muted or bright? What type of finish would look great? Do you also want some kind of painted details on the walls like stencils, molding, or stripes? Take your time and avoid rushing through these decisions. Professional painting services from providers like HouseJoy come with expert consultation to help you make the best decision.

  1. Test the Paints

When you select a colour, it is better to first try it on your wall before the room is actually painted with it. A lot of times, the colours can appear different in photographs or on paint ships but very different when applied to the wall. This is the reason why  paint stores sell sample paint jars. Test a few small patches at a couple of places before locking in the colour.

Hiring the right professionals for the painting job will help you save a lot of time and money while also ensuring that the final outcome is exactly as per your expectation or even better. However, like the few pointers mentioned above, which you should be prepared to ensure that the job is completed with utmost ease and within the decided timeframe.

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