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How to create a professional blog and how to make it known?

How long does it take, and how many visitors can I hope to have?

Can blogging for 30 minutes a day make itself known on the net?

Where to host a blog so that it is well referenced by Google?

How to write articles and what topics should you choose?

What are the ways to make yourself known …

Here are some of the questions we are asked regularly by entrepreneurs who have heard about Blogs and who also want one …

This is why in this article we will give you 10 tips for successful blog pro .

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We will take as example the experience of ConseilsMarketing.fr which counts 1 million visitors per year:

Visitors advicemarketing

But before you start thinking about your Blog Pro, remember these few figures:
36% of blogs in France have fewer than 1000 visitors per month … so do not expect an influx of readers just by opening a blog …

However nothing is lost, on the Web there is always room for everyone … but if it is more difficult than a few years ago.

Indeed t out has already been written and said, but there are thousands of ways to repeat it and update it … so there is room for everyone even if there already 10 blogs about your topic!

And to hold your blog, you do not have to write “novels” and dozens of pages of Blogs articles …

You will need to build on your strengths:

– Write if you have the fluency in the editorial, such as TipsMarketing.fr


I offer my guide 

“100 tips to succeed on the web”

It is the fruit of more than 15 years working on the web: I explain everything I would have liked to know when I started on the internet …

You will learn how to attract more prospects, improve your conversion, make your time profitable, retain your customers … 

+ 10 minis practical guides (emailing, search engine optimization …)


– Draw if you are gifted for drawing as  http://tomfishburne.com/


– Make videos if you are good at speaking or if you prefer to film your scree

In short, you can always find your positioning, just define your target and its expectations.

selling products
However, to keep a blog, you have to spend time : at least 30 minutes / day, every day, and sometimes the weekend … or you must have a community manager (internally or externally).
Moreover, the success of a blog is long term : at the launch it took 1 year, and 2 hours of work / day to make advicemarketing.fr from 0 to 500 visitors / day …

This time factor plays on the motivation, because lack of results in the short term, many bloggers demotivate …
From our experience, at least 20% of blogs Pro close their doors within 1.5 years due to lack of time for blogger or lack of immediate profitability …

It is important to note that blogger is long-term (it took 3 months to “boardsmarketing” to exceed 50 visitors / day, which is not motivating at the start!).
And at the launch, writing good articles is not enough, 50% of your time must be devoted to their valorization and their promotion .

Counting only on Google to make its blog known is not enough, you have to be proactive and go get the visitors!

For this you have many tools:

traffic generation

Additionally there are techniques to gain faster visibility by leveraging existing blogs and audience hubs :

– Participate in a carnival of blogs where actors of a thematic all write an article on a given subject (by making links between them)

– Make guest posting and thus propose to influential blogs and collaborative blogs a customized article

– Set up an affiliation campaign with blogs, forums … by proposing very interesting commissions (from 100% to 40% of commissions)

– Create a white paper, web seminar … collaborative  between the leaders of the sector

– Create a “Top Blog” / “Top sites” / … with the main actors

– Making a record / white paper reference in the sector
However know that you will never be a millionaire overnight with a blog …

Most blogs have a hundred visitors / day, and counting only on Adsense Ads and Affiliation do not hope to earn more than 100 € / month.

To make money with a blog you have to:

– Have a list of prospects.

In fact, even with heavy traffic, if you do not have a list of prospects whose e-mails you have, you will NEVER be able to monetize your site correctly.

– Offer your own products and services (ex: ebook, services, training videos …).

But also offer a range of monetization tools to generate a variety of income.

Here are the main tools of monetization, knowing that the most important of course is to sell your own products.


– Optimize your blog to generate leads and advertising revenue

Indeed an optimized blog allows to generate 10 to 100 times more prospects than a blog not optimized

For example it is a gift offered in exchange for the inscription to the newsletter, the display of advertising banners in the articles …
According to several studies and land returns, the quality of a blog would depend on 41% of the quality of the Content , 25% of the frequency of updating, 15% of the ergonomics and 11% of the transparency of the author of the Blog …

It should also be known that the consultation of a blog is proportional to the frequency of the updates of the content.It is therefore necessary to publish regularly, without having to publish every day …

Indeed it is necessary to privilege the quality and the quantity of published content … while publishing a minimum of one blog article per week.
Well optimized, and well mastered, a blog is a very good way to get to know and find customers.

Indeed a blog allows;
– Improve SEO in Google,  as well as attract visitors interested in a topic.
– Blogs are often cited by other sites, while a commercial site is generally not …
– A blog allows to present its products and services , and to demonstrate its capacities through practical cases …

However before starting to launch his blog, you have to have a reflection upstream, in order to get a good start.

1- Define the purpose of the blog

The first thing to decide before you even begin to write the first line of your blog is to define what the purpose of your blog is:

– Does it make you known to change jobs?

– Is it to find customers?

– Is it to make you recognize as a specialist in your sector?

– Is it to share your knowledge and findings with others?

Within this framework, you need to define who your target is, not just define a thematic.

Example: You do not have to blog on Web Marketing, but you need to target freelancers who can find customers on the internet.

Indeed, it is necessary to direct your blog to 1 precise target (= 1 population with 1 precise, important and urgent need), so you can address a simple and clear message to this target.

Then you have to define what messages you want to pass, and in what form?
We can talk about everything and nothing, but to succeed in a blog, it must be specialized in a field (= adopt a strategy of “niche”, because trying to please the most people nobody likes).

If you have multiple areas of activity, create multiple Blogs.

It is much better for the referencing and targeting of your visitors (nb: launch already 1 blog before thinking to animate several … it is an extremely time-consuming activity!).

Finally, how long will you give it? If you want to exceed 50 visitors / day, it takes at least 3-4 hours per week (within 30 minutes / day).

You will need to write at least 1 article per week and promote it … knowing that successful blogs are usually 3 articles per week!

In the same way more and more holding a blog alone becomes more and more difficult … That is why you will have to plan:

– Either to work on the content

– Either to ask contributors to help you punctually

– Either to take back existing content (ex: video, powerpoint, ebooks, images …)

– Either to subcontract a part of the creation of content (ex: translation of English articles …)

One last warning to tell you that Bloguer can quickly become a passion, but do not lose sight of your initial goal and the profitability of the time invested : think about what it will take as time for what it pays for you … and define You Limits

2- Choosing what to talk about …

The main advantages of blogs is that it is very easy to post articles.

A blog is to simplify:

– a word processor that allows you to publish your articles

– a tool to easily manage its site thanks to simple and practical tools (the plugins, which can bring in 1 click of the functions to the site).

With a blog, for once there is no need to be an internet specialist.

In addition to Google and search engines “like” blogs, and finally a blog is less “commercial” than a commercial or institutional website.

There are 3 main types of articles published in Professional Blogs:

– Resources and links :

It is enough to put on its site a whole series of links, tools, videos … linked to its activity and to make a quick comment (count 30 minutes / article).

– Mood tickets :

You react to the news and you make your own comments (ex: a new product that comes out, an evolution of legislation …).

This type of articles is the easiest to set up and will allow you to regularly write articles of about 100 to 250 words without spending too much time (count 1h / article, that is 4h per week with 2 articles + 2h Of highlighting).

– “Reference” content :

These are the longest items to achieve, but not necessarily those that offer the most visits!

You have to make your own articles on a given theme with new content or by gathering several sources to make a synthesis (1 to 2 pages minimum, or more than 1000 words)

Here is a checklist that allows you to write articles on your blog:

The Checklist to Write a Good Blog Article from TipsMarketing.co.uk

Download our free guide

“Attract more prospects with a Blog – 52 tips”

Of course a blog Pro must mix all kinds of articles …
3- Choose the name and hosting platform of the Blog

– Choose the domain name

To build a blog Pro, it is absolutely necessary to have a domain name to be a bit credible …

Of course the domain name must be explicit about the content of the blog, and if possible contain the keywords you want to highlight (see our article on SEO ).

The cheapest websites to buy your domain names is  www.1and1.fr .

For less than 8 € / year you get a domain name for 1 year (nb: better to reserve a domain name over several years is better for SEO).

Note: As an alternative to hosting 1and1, we recommend HostGator which is a low cost hosting with a very good quality of service, but in English.

Check out our SEO article to choose a domain name that is relevant to your business and that has been extensively researched in Google.

Indeed the domain name is essential for good visibility via natural links.

–  Choose the hosting platform

You can

or use a web host of Blogs (it allows to have a blog turnkey in 1 minute chrono). It is the choice of simplicity to launch, but this will block you in the medium and long term.

– either host your blog on a server and use an application (like WordPress) to write your site as a Blog (this is called “propel a blog”). This is the best choice for a long-term blog project.

If you do not know the computer (or if you do not have the time!), We advise you to be hosted on a platform of Blogs. This allows you to start, and then some time later to move to a hosted blog.

There are many sites that offer to host free blogs.

Here are the 2 best known:

– www.blogger.com : simple and practical , it is a good tool to start (automatic backup of texts, standard skins that allow you to recover many plug-ins, good management RSS …).

On the other hand you will be quickly limited (no hosting of files, a difficult personalization, bad referencing (the site is considered 1 page), no category management, a translation in French a little superficial especially at the level of the ” help…).

Be aware that Blogger will quickly show its limits as soon as your site will rise a little. The only big interest is to be able to place ads on his Blog to make a minimum of his articles.

– www.wordpress.com : it is flexible and powerful, and customizable “relatively” easily thanks to the many addicts who have developed many plug-in, skins ….

It has the advantage of being able to host its files for free, it authorizes the cutting of articles, it is better referenced than Blogger by Google …

On the other hand it is not possible to add its own lplugins … It is a good tool to start a Blog Pro.

Blogging platform 2008

However, as I said before, if  you want to optimize your SEO and make a Blog 100% personalized, it isbetter to host its site on a “clean” server .

Thus you will “propel” your blog using a blog generator like WordPress (see our user manual part 1 , 2-3and 4 )

The installation on its own server is quite simple, here is a complete manual:

On the other hand, be careful to back up your site very regularly, especially with each sensitive update via a plugin like WP Backup.

And finally, here are links to retrieve templates for the design of your Blog (= templates) on  http://themeforest.net/

4- How to write in a Blog Pro?
Writing in a blog is not complicated, but there are a few little rules to follow.

Here are 10 essential rules to follow:

The first being that you are not there to do the promo .

Writing on a blog is more natural and closer to the transcription of spoken language than to the marketing argument or dissertation …

– Publish often, choosing the keywords that will attract your hot prospects  :

The more articles you have on specific keywords, the more you will have an important “exhibition space” on the web to attract your prospects.

A Pro blog that starts will only have a few articles referenced in Google, while an older blog will have hundreds of pages indexed by google or partner sites.


– Avoid spelling mistakes :

This is a common mistake (blogger takes time and we are always in a hurry to publish his article, it is less serious because it is “bonus” …).

But this bad habit is highly pejorative if you want to give you the image of a Blog Pro.

Although you may have written very interesting and relevant articles, you will always have at least 2 or 3 people who will comment on your spelling mistakes .
To eliminate a maximum, you must always type its text in Word, pass the spell checker and then copy it into his blog. Of course, before that, you have to read the text once or twice, and then re-read it once it has been formatted (the difference in layout often makes it possible to detect new errors).

Tip: do not copy / paste directly from Word, otherwise your layout will be a galley to manage (MS Word generates a deplorable HTML!).

It is better to copy the text in the Note block of Windows and copy the plain text in the editor of your blog (possibly by passing the mode “HTML”).

You will lose all of Word’s formatting, but you will not spend hours trying to have a homogeneous layout.- Make articles short, legible and ventilated:

Google (and Internet users) especially appreciate short texts, going to the essential.

Better to publish small articles of 250 to 500 words 2 to 3 times a week (for example, cutting your articles into small parts), rather than making large articles published every 2 weeks (multi-part Loyalty to its readers).

Remember that Google appreciates the constancy of the publications, it makes the engine return more regularly on your site but also your visitors!

– Summarize your ideas :

Unlike a dissertation, you must avoid verbiage and go to the essential in the drafting of your texts (use of imperatives, lists …).

Indeed, a text written on the screen is much harder to read than on paper (flickering of cursors, pubs, obligation of scroller …).

Some studies believe that reading is 25% more difficult on a computer screen .

It is therefore necessary to write shorter and improve the readability, for that reread your text, cut redundancies, delete unnecessary paragraphs …

– Write the titles of your tickets as advertising slogans :

You have to stir up curiosity and push your readers to know more!

Here are some examples of titles that work well:
X Tricks to improve your X in X minutes!
X tips to know before you X
X tips to start your X well
The X steps for X
Discover how X in X steps!
The essential checklist X
the box essential tools X
X Tools X effectively
Who wants to know how X 5 minutes / step
is the 5-step method to
is how not having to X / get rid of X
Pretend X (famous person)
What you need to know about X
…Titles are really essential to attract visitors;

– either promise to solve a problem (ex: How to …),

– or give a solution (eg 10 tips for …),

– to make dream (ex: 10 tricks to lose 10 Kg in 10 days …),

– either take a model or a famous example (eg Steve Jobs’ secrets to be N ° 1)

– either put forward a problem (ex: Still single, find a girlfriend in 1 week …),

– or by asking a direct question (ex: Are you tired of your job?),

– or finally by proposing an original and irresistible title (ex: The 10 gaffes not to commit during a 1st appointment …).

Again, your headlines must contain your keywords to improve your SEO …

– Write only if you have something interesting to say :

It is important to set a pace of publication, but it is not necessary to get out of the articles of poor quality.

In this case, it is better to take an external article, translate an article, put a video … or DO NOT PUBLISH ANYTHING!

Feel free to set aside an article you do not “feel”. It does not matter, start another and come back later on.

Remember that in a Pro blog you do not have to tell your vacation or the last movie you saw: it will “amateurise” your site.

– From time to time, propose topics related to the main theme of your site: this will allow you to attract visitors who would not have visited your site naturally.

– Use the cluster bomb technique :

If the theme of your Blog is about competitive themes or widely used phrases, use the “fragmentation bomb” method using synonyms or terms related to your subject in your titles or topics : Marketing advice => advice emailing, tricks marketing …).

– Write down all your article ideas when the idea comes to mind and do a “to do list” of tasks to perform on your Blog Pro (layout, ergonomics, plug in …).
For that, it is better to use either an Excel file, or better a site like Evernote  which allows you to manage your Blog Pro as a “real” project.

– Write successful articles :

Submit an offbeat / unpublished / polemic text (eg my article on “Make a prospecting operation for 1 €” which has caused a lot of ink!), Propose articles with a high added value (ex: this article!) , Propose an irresistible title on an offer / a service / a person / …

Important: even if you go on vacation, your blog must continue to live or you will see its SEO down (it’s a never-ending struggle!), Its image deteriorate (it’s not very serious to see a Pro blog in “Annual closure”) and this does not encourage you to subscribe to a newsletter or an RSS feed.

Before leaving, you must plan either automatic uploads (some blogging platforms allow it like WordPress or Blogger) or ask a friend to publish tickets for you (either in co-writing or a totally reprinted article )

5- How to easily get content for his Blog?


You will have chosen it, it is better to regularly post short articles, and make from time to time large items to become a reference in your sector of activity …

The easiest way is to make an inventory of all the articles you have already written or participated and put them on your Blog:

– Powerpoint presentations,

– texts for customer presentations,

– notes on a marketing operation,

– Activity Report,

– newsletter texts

– …

Beware of confidentiality of data, one of your customers will not necessarily be happy to see his name quoted in your articles!

Then you should look at the  articles that work well in the Blogs of your topic.

Indeed by looking at what works well in others, you will have dozens of ideas for articles that you can improve by putting your personal touch (attention, do not copy, but see topics that work well).

To do this look at your competitors:

– The Tops

– The most commented articles

– Articles with the most Tweets and shares on Facebook

There is also news and daily life that are an excellent source of inspiration for successful articles.

If you find a topic in fashion, you will be able to attract readers “by chance” on your site.

You can also translate English articles into French , with the competition being very strong on the American sites there are plethora of articles of very good quality to translate.

If after a few months you still find it difficult to find interesting topics, look at forums, comments, magazines, twitter … and you will quickly find new themes to write your own articles.

Similarly a very simple idea is to ask your readers!

Send them an email via your newsletter, and ask them:

– What they would like to learn

– What are their main current problems

– What are their current challenges

– How you can help them

To do this simply use Google Docs with its forms, or a market research tool like SurveyMonkey.

You can also group your best articles on the same theme under Word, and make them an ebook in PDF .

You will be able to make an article on your “mini guide” and thus set up a list of prospects (just see all our free eBooks!).

In addition you will be able to publish on content distribution sites like www.scribd.com  , slideshare …

Make new from the old: on Blogs Pro upgrading an article is not very “profitable”: you have already advertised it, and readers are generally reluctant to reread old articles.

This is why it is better to write a new article with new links or new suggestions or by synthesizing the comments received!

Remember to make links from your new articles to your best old articles , is a great way to give more weight to a somewhat weak article.

Finally, you can invite other authors of blogs and give them access to your site. Almost all blogs have an option that allows a person to log in and add articles to your site.
This is a great way to support a Blog Pro because you are no longer obliged to write all the texts by yourself (nb: provide some basic rules for your contributors: no self-promotion article …) .

Finally a more expensive solution is to pay one or more editors (eg other bloggers in the same domain as you).

On the other hand, do not forget to have them sign an editing contract in order to clearly establish what you can do with their texts (eg, make an ebook, publish a book, reproduce the text in a catalog …) A freelance contract you recruit a reporter to write articles from time to time in your blog, or even animate a topic with a “celebrity” in your industry

6- How to publicize his Blog Pro?


There are dozens of sites to advertise its Blog, but again the Pareto Law applies: 80% of visitors come from 20% of sites …

You should regularly analyze which sites your visitors are visiting and concentrate on them (eg post comments, propose partnerships, propose to write articles for this site …).

You must distinguish 2 main types of sites to let you know:

– Social Media: Twitter, Facebook …
– Curation sites such as Scoop-it.com, Paper.ly : you post a summary of your ticket with a link, and visitors to these sites will find you. These sites attract mainly enthusiasts and bloggers because they are still quite “confidential”.
– Blogs and forums that deal with the same theme as you : it’s a simple way to reach highly qualified Internet users. You can use the Blog directory eBuzzing.com or the top blog of the Golden Blogs Awards .

Knowing that the source of traffic N ° remains GOOGLE … and the natural SEO which usually represents 80% of the traffic of a Blog!

Your goal will be to get as many links to your website as possible!

For this you will need:

– Analyze the influential sites in your sector and get a link (write an article, propose a partnership …)

– Analyze the links obtained by your competitors

– Get links via reference tools (ebooks, computer graphics …)Warning:  Google punishes sites that make “duplicate contend” , that is to say that copy articles already existing (phenomenon of SPLOGS, or Spam Blogs). To avoid this edge effect, you can propose to the sites that take your content to take again that a synthesis
To make your blog attracts the readers you must

– Have a “voice” and an original editorial line to differentiate you from others.
– Encourage your readers to leave you comments : the wealth of a blog is of course the article, but also the comments of the netizens who come enrich and improve your initial article.
– Involve your readers , organizing competitions, competitions … For example, lemon press has organized a contest of the most “original” offices, conseilsmarketing.fr a contest of marketing advice, Jacques Froissant a comparison of the most Used … On the other hand do not expect an exceptional rate of participation …

Note: When you “promote” your blog through forums, Diggs like … expect to receive messages of particularly disheartening insults …
Indeed, even if you try to “help” by posting interesting information to Internet users, it will shock other people who will take a cunning pleasure to let off steam by writing comments vitriol, or even bluntly insult you.
In this case, you must of course respond with tact, and see why this person considers your message as an aggression against which it will have responded with so much virulence (your message is too self-promoted, you posted 3 articles following on The same site …).

7 – Pay attention to the ergonomics of your Blog!


– Design
One of the first things to do is to personalize the design of your Blog (logo, image of the header …)

This will set you apart from hundreds of Blogs with the same design …

Add images to brighten up reading (one under the title, and for large articles all paragraphs).

If possible, always use images in the same theme to “create” your style.

Here is a mini how-to guide you how to  customize a blog  .

Finally, do not forget that people often “scan” a page by reading only the headlines and highlighted words to see if the content is interesting or not …

So think about fast reading! To choose the template of the website, choose a model that offers good legibility (no font too clear on a light background, no white text on a black background …).

– Categories:
Very quickly you will exceed 25 or 50 tickets, it will then become indispensable to manage categories. You must therefore define between 5 and 10 categories for your tickets (an article can be in several categories).
Do not forget that your visitors are people in a hurry who must immediately find the interesting information! Another good idea is to make a “Best Articles” heading with the items that have been most successful.

– Newsletter and RSS feed:
Do not forget to put on the top right (or left) the subscription windows to the newsletter and the RSS feeds (it’s good to attract people, but you have to keep them!) .

It is also necessary to set up an auto-responder to automatically send a newsletter as on this link .

– Links:
Always indicate the sources of your articles (it is rewarding for the sites concerned but also for you!), And make sure that the links work correctly (your readers and especially Google do not appreciate broken links! ).

– The page “About”
It is sometimes a little careful element among bloggers …

Yet the purpose of a pro blog will often be to find customers! It should therefore be made clear that you are offering benefits to help your readers (a good idea is to offer a free diagnosis, a white paper … to attract prospects).

But also to propose on your site tools like a Chat that indicates whether you are present or not, a module Twitter.com, your address MSN or Skype …
8- Prepare to launch your blog Pro!


To succeed in launching your blog, you must respect some basic rules:

– Focus on a specific topic , announce it in its domain name, in the title of its first articles … and stick to it, even if you will be able to do some “off topic” from time to time.

But respect the fact that 80% of your blog should be devoted to your major theme.

This is why it is essential to define its perimeter at the outset.
– To propose at the launch 4 or 5 articles founders and very good quality (principles bases, instructions, controversy …) to pose the blog (there is nothing worse than a blog with 1 or 2 articles ).

Generally these “founders” articles should take you 3 to 4 hours of writing work.
– Publish an article every two days for 2 or 3 weeks (more news), and then slow down a little bit (2 per week).
– Make your site known via social media and the tools of curation: if you have chosen a “classic” theme you will quickly attract people and you will improve your referencing very quickly.
– Offer a white paper with the best of its first articles . This is a very simple way to make a press release announcing the launch of your site.
– Highlight in your articles the influencers (top bloggers …) .

The aim is that these influencers bring you a little of their traffic and their notoriety.
– Go around the blogs and sites on your theme to present your site and propose exchanges of content.
– Post information in the forums dedicated to your sector , in blog comments (NO SPAM by cons !!) …
– Send an email on the opening of your blog to all your contacts (personal, pro, customers, prospects ..
– Make business cards with the address of your blog , and mention your blog in your other Pro sites (if you have one).

– Update your profile on networking sites : www.viadeo.com , http://www.linkedin.com ,,www.facebook.com …

This brings very few visits, but this improves your SEO and Pro aspect of your site.

9 – Blogging tools

– Paper and pencil … or a Smartphone  to take notes and write articles as soon as time and inspiration come (eg, waiting for a taxi, on the subway …).
– MS Word to write your articles, and Windows Notepad to copy and paste.
– Photoshop or PhotoFiltre (free) to retouch your images.
–   Fotolia.com to buy images to illustrate your items (1 € picture!).
Aweber.com   to manage its newsletter (registration, mailing, statistics …).

– Visitor cards with the name of your blog (to be disseminated widely!), For example with VistaPrint which offers 250 business cards for about 7 € TTC .
– Filezilla (free) to upload your files to your server via FTP.
– Paypal to sell your products.

10 – The typical day of the Blogger …

A Pro blog requires at least 4 hours of work / week to get a minimum of results in a minimum of time (count at least 1 to 2 months to see your site appear in Google’s first results on 3 keyword phrases).

Here is a presentation of a typical day of blogger, according to 2 profiles: the blogger Pro “reasonable” and the blogger “Passionate”.

Program for a “reasonable” Blogger Pro:
– 1 article every 2 weeks, possibly divided into 2 parts with its emphasis on the bookmarking sites (ex: 3 to 4 hours for this article).
– 1 mood ticket per week (45 minutes)
– 1 link to an article on an external blog with a link to your site (30 minutes)
– 1 newsletter per month (30 minutes)
Total: 3h30 / week.
Publication schedule: Monday evening feature article, Tuesday evening the resumption of an article with link, Wednesday night the mood ticket.

Program of the passionate blogger :
8h: Going to work, preparation of an article (reading, writing on paper of the draft …).
9h: Read 3 or 4 newsletters about the subject of your Blog (to send back to his personal email the interesting links).
12h: consultation of statistics of visits on the Blog.
18h: re-consultation of the statistics (number of visits, sources of visits, average time spent on the site, pages visited, typed keywords …).
21h: Back home, and after dinner
– Consult the messaging of the Blog and answers to the questions asked by the Net surfers.
– Processing of comments (30% of spam generally).
21h30: Writing of the Blog.
– Writing of articles.
– Highlight articles in Diggs like, by a press release …
– Reactions on articles on other blogs.
– Tests of new services and websites.
0h00: To the dodo (important, otherwise you risk spending your nights to blogger …)


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