What Different Kinds of Greetings Cardsare the Most Popular?

What Different Kinds of Greetings Cardsare the Most Popular

Where did greetings cards originate? Well, around the mid-1840s, greeting cards had changed from a somewhat expensive, handmade gift card to a much more popular and cheaper means of personal transmission. This was due to an advancement in printing, and lower postal charges via the means of the humble postage stamp.

  • Christmas cards, were first made in London in 1843 when one Sir Henry Cole employed an artist by the name of John Calcott Horsley to make holiday cardswhich he sent on to family and friends.

By the 1860s, companies began springing up around Great Britain,which then started the mass production of greeting cards and the rest is indeed history! Nowadays,Christmas cards in Birmingham are more popular today than they’ve ever been!

Enter the Birthday Card

Birthdays are that once a year special occasion when most people will receive personal cards in acknowledgment of yet one more year having passed in their lives, a milestone if you will. Should you be in need of sending a funny birthday card or even a belated one, there is a card out there for you to choose from.

Still the most favoured types of birthday cards are the classic and traditional ones, most of which come with warm written greetings already printed inside of them, while others are blank allowing for you to write your very own personal/private message. The designs of both cards can vary from the simplest to the most elaborate and prices will differ depending on your choice of card.

Overlooked or Rapid

It can certainly happen when people just plain forget to send out a card. When this occurs, you can send them a belated birthday card. And, if you do happen to send one, you might wish to include a personalised note to apologise for the delay.

These days, with everybody online, you can send a birthday card rapidly via an e-card. These reach the recipient within minutes, and although they lack that personal touch, they can be seen as an environmentally friendly option to sending cards.

  • There are now quite a number of websites where you can send e-cards, and, while some will ask you for a fee, there are others which are free.
  • This kind of card does miss out on the sending of genuine sentiments and you can’t keep the card as a keepsake!

Nice Musical Surprise

You have probably seen them already, but another type of card to consider sending is one that plays music. A small sound chip is in the card so that when the card is opened, it starts to play a tune.

  • The majority of birthday cards will play “Happy Birthday” song, whilst various others might have popular songs or even music from films like Indiana Jones!

And the lovely thing about a card is if you cannot afford a present for someone, a card is a wonderful and thoughtful gift by itself.

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