What is a General Purpose TrailerUsed For?

a General Purpose TrailerUsed For

Most folk have seen trailers at this or that place in the past, all being towed around, and used for hauling different items from A to B. They have noengine of their own and are securely fitted to the rear of a vehicle, be it an SUV, van or even cars.

  • The most typically viewed and used example of ageneral purpose trailer is that which is known as a “flatbed”.

Flatbeds are attached to a vehicle with the help of a ball joint mechanism, and these are popular with people who wish to transport small boats, vehicles, all kinds of freight which can be battened down with ropes or straps.

  • In many cases, people make use of aflatbed trailer in Yorkshirefor goods which will only require moving a shortdistance.
  • You will frequently see these popular trailers for sale at reputable trailer companiesin and around the Yorkshire area.

Other Popular Designs

Another type of general purpose trailer is the one known as a “long haul trailer”, which isused to carry things over long distances.

  • The long haul trailer type is in most cases, no longer than fifty-three feet or 16.15 meters.

This design has multiple wheels along the middle portion and the rear endof the trailer, with the front end typically having equipment, allowing the trailer to be fastened to a transfer vehicle.

  • Solid leg supports, alsocalled “landing gear”, are usually in place to hold up the front of the trailer when it is not attached to a vehicle.

As you may have more than likely also seen, there are various design types of this type of trailer extensively being put to good useon the roads and motorways of Great Britain.

  • A semi-enclosed horse trailer can be joinedto a vehicle and then utilised for transporting safely one or more horses.
  • A utility trailer is an easy way to transport machinery such as heavy gardening equipment for a small business.
  • Flatbed trailers can also be put to great use to move all kinds of furniture or farming equipment, due to flatbeds not having any height or width limitations, like other sorts of general purpose trailers do.

And Even More Use! What a Workhorse!

Many businesses, especially those which are involved in the building and landscaping business, make great use of a general purpose trailer of some kind of design to handle their short term moving needs.

This could be in the shape of someone who needs a trailer to move a boat over to a waterfront.

  • Someone who enjoys and/or takes part in motorcycle events
  • People who love jet skiing
  • Fans of Quads
  • Speedboat enthusiasts and more!


And while different companies design and make trailers, it is also not difficult for trailers to be specially modifiedso that they can be used for a range of other duties.

Whatever your needs be, there’s a trailer out there which will perfectly suit all of your needs!

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