What Makes a Good Nursery?

What Makes a Good Nursery

This is no doubt a question that many parents grapple with, and as the time nears when the child is ready to begin interacting with the outside world, your thoughts invariably turn to a suitable nursery. The word “suitable” in this case means a preschool environment that ticks all the boxes, and with that in mind, here are some of the essential ingredients that go to make a good day nursery.

  • Safe & Secure – The environment should be a combination of inside and out, with several soft play areas, and with a secure perimeter and a closed door policy, the children are in a safe and secure environment in which they can explore. There are, for example, Nottingham nurseries that have all the required ingredients to prepare children for their first years of formal education.
  • Suitable Resources – The right resources will equip the children to learn, and with regular activities like working with clay, colouring and playing with blocks, the children will get valuable exercise with fine motor skill control and coordination. There would be several corners that are furnished with toys and games, and with soft play areas, the kids can expend some of that endless energy they seem to have.
  • Qualified & Caring Staff – Early learning is a specialist field, and a typical day nursery in the UK would have 3 or 4 qualified teachers, along with early learning trainees, who are getting valuable experience under the supervision of the veterans. At this early age, children need to be given a degree of freedom, while also understanding the social aspects of being with others, and with guided activities that encourage the children to participate, social skill development is ongoing. Ideally, the carer and parent would converse on a daily basis, and this help to ensure that both parties are fully aware of how the child is developing. The child might not enjoy sharing their things, and if mum knows about this, she can do things at home to reinforce the right behaviour, and with regular communication, the child’s development is assured.
  • The Right Vision – A preschool environment is a lot more than just a safe place to leave your child while you are at work, in fact, their time at such a place will very much set the tone for their outlook on life, and without the right care and attention, your child might not develop to their fullest potential. The ideal nursery would adopt a holistic approach to child development, and they would be aiming to stimulate their students in all the right ways, thus preparing them for the up and coming first year at school.

Once you have surfed the web a little and narrowed down your choice, a personal visit is recommended, and if that goes well, you can introduce your child to their new environment. If you are not aware of any nurseries near your location, a Google search will soon bring up a list of all the preschools in your area and you can take it from there.

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