What Sports To Have Dream Abs

Sports To Have Dream Abs

Postural muscles, abdominal muscles help not only prevent pain and back injuries, but also maintain a dream figure. If the famous “chocolate bars” are acclaimed, it is too often forgotten that “abs” is a complex muscle group that can be worked in multiple ways to achieve harmonious muscularity and well-being. Whatever your goals, here are some interesting activities to look after your abdominals.

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Muscle Sartorius (formerly a tailor): Anatomy and functions

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Sartorius muscleSuperficial muscle of the anterior chamber of the thigh, the sartorius extends from the coxal bone to the tibia. Anatomy, role, advice … complete presentation of this muscle.

5 tips for decoding food labels

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Nutrition labeling

You are more motivated than ever to start a healthy diet and adopt a balanced diet but not always easy to choose at the supermarket. Faced with such an enormous supply of products and rarely clear nutritional labeling, the detection of the best foods can sometimes become a journey of the combatant. Fortunately, a few simple rules come to the rescue to overcome the pitfalls and spot indications that are really helpful on food labels.

How to establish a suitab

le sports program to lose weight?

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Sports program lose weightWhen you want to lose weight, sports prove to be a great ally for burning calories. However, it is sometimes difficult to create a coherent sports program. Should you be compulsory to run? You train 2 or 5 times a week? Are body weight exercises enough to achieve results? Discover our tips and examples of programs to lose weight.

Different models of Fitbit bracelets and watches

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Bracelet watch fitbitAre you looking for a bracelet or an intelligent watch to monitor and analyze your daily activity and sleep? As the world leader in connected objects, Fitbit offers a range of business trackers. 

All about carbohydrates

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carbohydratesSource of essential energy for our body, carbohydrates are nutrients present in our diet in several forms. Presentation, role, food sources, recommendations on their consumption … Laetitia Matrat, nutrition dietician DU, explains everything about these “sugars”.

The Shrug at the dumbbells, a targeted exercise to muscle its trapezius

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Shrug exercise musculationThe shrug, also called “shoulder shrugs,” is a muscle building exercise widely practiced in theaters to develop trapezoids. Its popularity is due to its execution which is accessible to all, to the variants that are numerous, but especially to the ego of the practitioner who is flattered by having the possibility to raise heavy on this exercise.

Calculate your daily caloric need to lose, take or stabilize your weight

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Calories per dayKnowing your daily caloric needs (maintenance) is essential when you want to lose weight or gain muscle. This is the number of calories per day required to maintain your weight stable. From this maintenance, you will be able to establish the diet corresponding to your objective.

Probiotics and sport: the winning duo!

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Sports probioticsDo you play sports? Want to feel better in your body, keep the line, be performing, be healthier? So do not neglect the benefits of probiotics.

Tibial posterior (posterior tibial): Anatomy and Exercises to muscle and stretch

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Tibial muscle posteriorThe posterior tibial is the deepest muscle of the leg. It extends from the postero-upper side of the leg to the foot. Anatomy, exercises to muscle and stretch … complete presentation of this muscle.


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