What to see on a visit to Calgary

on a visit to Calgary

Flying into Calgary to see the Rockies? Don’t race off to the mountains without taking a day or two to tour this amazing metropolis. Below, we’ll share a few attractions you simply must see before heading off to other destinations in Alberta and BC.

1) Calgary Tower

Start your trip to Calgary by heading up the Calgary Tower. By paying the $20 it takes to get from street level to its privileged viewpoint, you’ll gain a perspective of this dynamic city’s downtown you simply can’t get from anywhere else.

Once you have snapped all the photos you can muster and have tested the sturdiness of this attraction’s glass floor, be sure to have dinner in its revolving restaurant. Called Sky 360, it serves some of the finest Canadian cuisine you’ll find in the city, which will pair nicely with the night time city views you’ll get to take in as you eat and drink.

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2) Glenbow Museum

Learn about the history of the province of Alberta by spending a couple hours perusing the exhibits of the Glenbow Museum. Founded by philanthropist Eric Harvie, this institution contains artifacts which detail the history of First Nations people and the European settlement of the Canadian West, as well as objects from around the world.

This attraction also has over 33,000 pieces of art in its collection. Showing off the talent of creatives from Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the USA, it gives visitors a sense of place that will get your trip to Alberta off on the right foot.

3) Canada Olympic Park

In 1988, Calgary hosted Canada’s first Winter Olympics – check out part of the legacy that was left behind by visiting Canada Olympic Park. Here, you’ll get to see the ski jump platform and the bobsleigh track where medals were contested over 30 years ago.

In winter, the slopes of this park are used for skiing – come in summer, and you’ll get the chance to rip down them on a mountain bike. Hockey Canada has development facilities on site as well – walk inside, and you may get a chance to witness some of this country’s brightest talent being moulded by its best coaches.

Finally, don’t miss the chance to tour the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame before leaving – formerly located in Toronto, it was moved to Calgary after its old home was demolished to make room for BMO Field (the present home of Toronto FC).

There is no better way to end your time in Calgary than to learn about the athletes which have made a big impact on the cultural fabric of this nation.

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