Why are Automatic Lawn Mowers becoming so popular?

Automatic Lawn Mowers becoming so popular

When most people think about lawn mowers, the first thing which comes to mind will be the ones which you stand behind and push using only your body strength and yes, some folk still actually have some of these ancient designs! There’s also the electric or fuel driven engine type which has made life a lot easier for many people, as you just gently pushed the machine along and the cutting was carried out by very fast rotating blades underneath the hood. These have been around for quite some time now and are still used by many people.

Enter the Automatic Lawn Mowers

And today we have the automatic lawn mower which runs around the garden mowing the grass, and thus providing you with some extra fun elsewhere at the weekend! Also known as a robotic mower, they run on a battery-powered electric motor and look similar to a low-profile, compact canister type of vacuum cleaner, without any trailing hoses and cords.

As a matter of fact, these automatic lawn mowers can actually be programmed to run continuously, or to cut grass only on particular days and times, and can cut approximately almost an acre on one battery charge.

Here, There and Everywhere

The automatic lawn mower criss-crosses a lawn in repetitive patterns from various angles to obtain the best results and a nicely manicured effect. Parameters are able to be set by surrounding the lawn boundaries with a fine wire, which is all part of the deal.

An automower in Northern Ireland can also sense trees and hedges, go around them, and will operate regardless of any slope or shape of the lawn, which makes this wonderful lawnmower the perfect choice for practically anyone.

Silent, Pollution Free and Great Safety Measures

Other benefits of an automatic lawn mower are that it is almost silent, saves on both oil and fuel, generates no air pollution and, naturally, gives you freedom from any garden work. It features safety measures such as child safety locks, anti-theft locks, and effective sensors which make the automower move away from any kind of object which just might get into its path, such as a small children or pets.

As the automatic mower mows the grass it sprinkles the fine clippings over the lawn. These valuable clippings, AKA“mulch”, help to protect the lawn during any dry weather spells, and also returnsimportant nutrients back into the soil.

Why Not Check One Out?

These amazing lawn mowersall have a manufacturer warranty, and if wished for, extra perimeter wire is easily available. The choice of auto, or remote control, can be bought online or at a reputable lawn and garden store.

And while they are something of an investment, the extra time you will have on your hands and the energy saved,you will find that it was well worth making the purchase.

PS – Don’t be surprised if your neighbours come to check it out and follow suit!

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