Why is art good for kids?

Why is art good for kids?

It looks pretty fun to watch small kids get their hands dirty with some artwork. It is hard not to agree that they seem happy smearing the paint to the paper and finally sticking the final product on the fridge like a masterpiece that needs to be looked at. With that in mind, it is easy to say that they love art. But why shouldn’t they? After all, art is fun and good for them.

Moreover, the fun that the kids have with the pens, the modelling clay or the paintbrush is healthy for their growth. Most unpleased with the idea of seeing the kids smear the walls with other colour paints. You should make a note of the child’s learnings from this. Not only does art add value to the childhood of your kids but also contributes to their productivity in the future.

The following are some of the reasons why art is right for your child.

Boosts their creativity

Art helps children gain creativity for now and even in their adult age. If you have sat close to a child who’s drawing or painting something, you can attest that they do it from the bottom of their hearts. After the drawing is complete, she or he comes to you with a description of what is in their minds. It is common for children to draw elephants from what they have seen on televisions and in cartoons. That is creativity at its finest. A creative child won’t have too many problems preparing for examinations. Most creative children can come up with new ideas from the least expected places you can imagine.

Brightens their Mind

Apart from creativity, art also makes your child smart. If you want your child’s academic performance to improve, then you need to support and appreciate the artistic nature of your child. Don’t judge their drawings as you try to convince them that they can improve or that what they have painted is nonsense. In their world, nothing out of the ordinary.

Recent studies have shown that a significant percentage of kids that enjoy and practice art also do well in school. Besides, your child doesn’t have to do well in math or science to be smart. Your child could do well in essays or poems. Think about having your son or daughter writing a column in the newspaper for a popular daily newspaper. Isn’t that something to be proud? Then this is your chance to stock up your kid’s shopping with school art supplies and encourage them to boost their creativity.


Art is fun! It helps your child to stay busy indoors on a chilly day. Remember, don’t judge your child’s drawings. Let them have fun. It is through art that they can build-up on many of their life skills.

Also, don’t get angry when they stick their pieces everywhere even on the fridge, they want to get your attention to the fact that they can make something beautiful. If you now concur that art can play a big part in your kid’s life, don’t hesitate to visit TheWorks for amazing offers on art supplies.

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