Why is Gmail advertising the new way to do marketing?

Why is Gmail advertising the new way to do marketing

You have probably received several emails from different companies sending you discounts, promotions, or even just showing off their recent arrivals. This sort of publicity is what we call Gmail advertising. Although the ways to acquire publicity this days are numerous, Gmail advertising has become the newest form to reach your clients. If you believe in growing your business, you should consider using more technological methods to do so. Now a day, technology is a huge part of our daily lives, and therefore we should use this to our advantage to be able to reach our market better.

If you are interested in making your business better and stretching its outreach into the world, you have to start considering all the reasons why Gmail advertising is the next step for your company.

  1. Contact the client through a platform where they spend a lot of the time

Google has revealed how Gmail now has more than 1 billion of active users who are consulting the platform monthly. With this type of data, you can encounter a site where people spend a lot of their time, either by phone or by computer, but you can ensure that these users are aware of what is happening in their Gmail. Therefore, Gmail Advertising is a way you can reach your customer through a platform that they constantly visit. Now a day, this works as a new type of outreach for the consumer, in sort of a more organic way to place your advertising. People are fed up with the billboards and commercials, that is why the new ways of advertising might raise the user’s curiosity and it might even lead them to your company.

  1. They don’t necessarily look like ads

When a user receives an ad, often it blends with their other emails, therefore they cannot identify which one is not an add. This might be beneficial given that you can ensure that they are going to open the email to see the content of it, and here is where you can take the opportunity to attract them into your business.

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  1. It is all about the Subject Lines

Given that ads in your Gmail will appear naturally, the consumer is most likely going to open it up to see what is the content about. However, the subject line can be the determinant in whether they take their time to see what the email holds, or whether they’ll ignore it knowing that it is an add. If you use subject lines to write stuff like “50% off in the store worldwide”, you can ensure that the user will know it is an add and won’t be so keen into opening it up; unlike if you are clever about it and use subject lines that catch interest, then you can ensure that your advertising is working.

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