Why Should You Go for a Paint-less Dent Repair

Why Should You Go for a Paint-less Dent Repair

Dents in your car can be caused from several situations. It could be a hailstorm, you might get caught in a fender bender, or you might just notice one out of the blue, after you come back to where your car was parked. But whatever be the cause, the end result is affecting the car’s appearance, marring its pristine finish. Going for a paintless dent repair (PDR) in such a scenario would earn you many benefits. It would erase out the ugly dents without letting your original paint being hampered leaving you with a car that has no more signs of damage.

Curious? Here are the benefits you would enjoy, when you choose for a paint-less dent repair job for your car.

No Repainting Job Required

in a Paint-less Dent Repair, the work doesn’t involve the lengthy procedure of a repaint, where a car is first given a body-filling job, followed by sanding and then re-painting. In some cases, if the auto body shop is not an authorized one, you might end up getting a mismatched paint job making your car look still uglier, than with those dents.

Repair Dents of All Sizes

A PDR can repair dents of any size on your car. It can be as small as the size of a bangle to the size of a wheel.

The Dents Won’t Reappear

In a PDR, the dents are repaired with utmost care, so that once a panel gets repaired, would retain the shape that is brought back to the original.

Retention of Original Value 

In comparison to the traditional repairs with body filler and repainting job, paint-less dent repairs maintain the original paint as well as the original value of the vehicle. The original factory finish is not altered in a PDR and you won’t have to worry about an overspray or any differences in paint shades.

As gathered from the Salisbury auto body shop, because of this retention of value, Antique cars from the decades 40’s, 50’s and 60’s generally go for a PDR to retain its vintage value.

Saves Time

To complete a Paint-less dent repair, it takes only about a fraction of the time that is required for a conventional body repair. It is only the size and number of dents that matter.Theentire process of PDR can be done within a few hours instead of days and weeks that is required for any traditional body work procedure.

Lower Cost

Since paint-less dent repair do not involve the hard work of body filling, applying primer and coats of expensive auto paint, the entire process requires costs less both in terms of time and money. Unlike the conventional repairs, the labor costs too are held considerably lower. You save on expensive materials as well. Thus PDR is the most cost-effective method of car repair.

Environment Friendly

Lastly, in PDR, there’s no involvement of using any harmful chemicals like body filler, auto paint and paint thinner, for the repair work. Thus it doesn’t cast any negative effect on the environment. The air doesn’t get polluted and there is no risk of ground water contamination either.

All that sums up to opt for a Paint-less Dent Repair, when you only need a cosmetic solution for your car.

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