Why Timber Flooring Will Look Stunning in Your Home

Timber Flooring Will Look Stunning in Your Home

The use of timber flooring must be the very first kind of flooring which was put to good use in the ancient past. And let’s face it, not much else makes a floor stand out than beautiful timber flooring.

And, even though timber flooring is a wood flooring, it differs from the common kind of wood flooring in one important aspect:

  • Real timber floors are made up from recycled or recovered wood boards.
  • Indeed, many cases, this recovered wood was primarily cut and milled to side other kinds of buildings.

Anyway, let’s look at more reasons why timber flooring is viewed by many folks as the very best and why qualityflooring stores in Perth have become so popular and visited.

Wood is Easy to clean, and you hardly need any Cleaner

All you need is a mop and sometimes some liquid cleaner, it’s possible to clean timber flooring in less time that it takes to vacuum, scrub or shampoo other types of floor coverings.

  • And because timber isn’t a dust trap, mould is never a problem

More Eco-friendly than Other Kinds of Flooring

  • Its production is much more sanitised than any other kind of building materials.
  • It deposits much less solid waste off to landfills than other flooring materials.
  • It is superbly energy efficient.
  • Its cellular structure actually traps air, which provides it with increased insulating properties.
  • Timber flooring can be renovated with stains, faux finishes and inlays.
  • It’s easy and inexpensive to change the whole look of the timber flooring regularly by using stains, paints and inlays.

Timber Makes for a Smart Investment

  • Never any devaluation on timber flooring
  • It will actually increase the resale power of any home!
  • Timber floors provide pure beauty for a lifetime and even longer!
  • Today around beautiful Australia, there are folks who are still walking solidly around on wooden floors that are as old as our nation!

Renovation is Easy

  • If you apply the correct maintenance methods to your timber floors, they can be refinished instead of disposed of (Like other types of floorings).
  • And being so easy to preserve what we already have, it is certainly a great way of recycling.

And Finally, It’s a Healthy Flooring Material!

  • Talk with medical professionals and you might be surprised to hear them actually recommend the use of a timber floor for a healthier spine and joints.
  • This flooring gives a little bit and is much easier on your legs and feet than many other floorings.
  • Have you ever noticed how your feet will tire much faster if you standon stone or tile than if you’re standing on timber?


  • Many of us people get to spend up to 90 percent of our time inside, so great flooring is definitely important.
  • Timberflooring has already been proven to be the number one choice for those who suffer from allergies, as it doesn’t harbour dust mites or mould.

Gorgeous timber wood flooring has been used as the perfect flooring for many centuries and will be used for many, many more!

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