Why Would You Need Bespoke Dress Shirts?

Why Would You Need Bespoke Dress Shirts?

You can walk into any store or even shop online and find a dress shirt for only a few dollars. That’s what many people do. Then they complain that their shirts don’t fit properly, don’t hang properly, and aren’t as comfortable as they would like them to be. That’s because those shirts are made as cheaply as possible and are designed to fit as many people as possible. However, even if you know your size, that doesn’t mean that the shirt you buy will fit. Everybody is shaped differently and every person has different needs. If you buy a bespoke dress shirt, you can get one that fits you perfectly and also fits your environment. That’s important as well.

Fit the Environment

When you order tailor made shirts in Sydney, you can get shirts for different climates and seasons. For example, a lightweight cotton shirt is going to be a very breathable and absorbent shirt. It is great for the summer months. However, cotton does not dry out very quickly and it doesn’t retain its shape through high humidity. So, you might need shirt made of cotton with some other materials woven into it.

Alternately, a thicker shirt made from wool will be much warmer. It might be too warm for summer wear, but great for the winter. If you are ordering bespoke shirts, you can get them in many different materials. Since they’re made from various materials, they will each fit slightly differently and hang slightly differently depending on the material used. This means that each one will need to be made individually to fit you.

Fit the Person

A shirt needs to fit you when you’re standing as well as when you’re sitting. Every person has a different body shape and moves differently, which is why every shirt needs to be made differently. The shirts need to be long enough that when you sit down, they can ride up slightly without actually pulling out of your waistband. They also need to allow a full range of motion when you are moving throughout your day.

Some people like to leave their shirts untucked. A bespoke dress shirt can look great untucked, especially if you tell the tailor that you want to wear it that way. One of the biggest difficulties is that a dress shirt is often designed to be tucked in; therefore, it hangs straight. However, if you leave it untucked, a shirt that hangs straight will look boxy and square. It will not lay flat against your hips the way it should. If you’re getting your shirt tailor-made, then you’ll be able to tell the tailor how you want to wear it. They’ll be able to cut the shirt so that it lies flat when you wear it untucked.

What it takes to make a shirt look good untucked will be different for every body. A person with a narrow waist and hips will need a shirt that pulls in tightly. A person with a broader body will need a shirt that flares out somewhat.

Whatever your needs may be, a tailor will be able to sew something to fit you.

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