Wooden Furniture for Dining Room

Wooden Furniture for Dining Room

The personality of an individual reflects in the way of choosing of any product or clothes. Everyone will have their own idea regarding selection. Furniture reflects personal styles and it graces the interior design of the house.  Nowadays we have a lot of choices and varieties in the furniture market. Apart from all other furniture, dining room furniture holds a number of beautiful memories. A family that eats together stays together. The dining table is the meeting place for many of the members in the family.

The habit of eating together can increase the bonding between different members in the family. Different variety of dinner table is now available in the market. It varies with size, shape, material and design. Most preferred dining furniture materials are, glass, wood, laminate, metal, marble and tile. Singapore wooden furniture is very famous for their quality and design. Because of low cost and high quality design, many people buy wooden dining table in Singapore. Wooden furniture is the high selling material type. First, choose the wood material for your furniture. Many types of hardwoods are used in the furniture, some of them are, cherry, maple, rosewood, oak and teak.

Types of wooden material

Oakwood is used widely because it is noble and strong. It has conspicuous medullary rays. White and red are the basic varieties of oak. Maplewood is so durable and resistant to shock and it is often used for bowling lane floorings. It has a curly scrap, which is often used in the backside of the violin. Nearly 115 types of maple wood is available. Cherrywood gives a light brown finish where it is commonly referred as fruitwood. This type is easy to cut and polish. Rosewood is durable and has a dark reddish brown colour. It is hard to cut and also it need high polish. This type of wood is mostly used in the musical instruments.

Teakwood is extremely heavy and strong. It is yellow to dark brown colour. Pine, ash, beech, cedar is the most used softwoods. Only hardwood is preferred in furniture making because of the toughness and stability. After selecting wood material choose a desire shape for your dining room. There are many five common types of shapes in dining table and the most common types are,

  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Freeform

Rectangular is the most familiar table shape and it gives a convenient space in the most populated category. Square table is perfect for compact space. Roundtable allows for shifting chair option. Oval shape is a popular choice because of more convenient spacing. Freeform does not have any standard shapes and it is apt for an individual dining. Wooden furniture gives more comfort, richness, finesse. Maintenance of wooden material is very easy when compared with other furniture materials. Strength and durability, capacity of wood extends its lifespan.

Wooden furniture gives a traditional and pleasant look to the house. People mostly wish to buy furniture with high quality and low cost. Singapore is well known for their high quality furniture and many online website sells furniture at low cost. For the dining room, wooden dining table are the best choice. It gives a classic appearance and so most people buy wooden dining table in Singapore. Select the furniture according to comfort and quality where design and shape are secondary.

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