Your doorway to IVY Leagues- SAT 2018

Your doorway to IVY Leagues- SAT 2018

Ivy League is a scholarly athletic assimilation having a total of eight sports team under eight non-governmental educational institutions, situated in the Northeastern United States. Mentioning the eight reputed world-class universities would be Brown University, Cornell University, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, Columbia University, the University Of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and the Yale University. Ivy League is globally recognized and honored for its excellent performance in the academic field which is the sheer result of allowing a very selective number of students to become a part. Ivy League holds a high reputation for seventeen men’s and sixteen women’s sports world.

The honor of Ivy League is hidden to none. Hence, just like every year millions of competitors will be targeting the forthcoming Ivy League via SAT 2018. However, looking at the past year’s statistics, each of the eight universities is known to allow only about 7 to 17 percent on a global scale, out of which, students from Northeastern US and New England are spotted the most. To understand this better, let us get the admission records.

For the batch of 2020:

BROWN 32388 9.01
CORNELL 44967 13.97
HARVARD 39040 5.21
YALE 31456 6.26
PRINCETON 29304 6.45
PENN 38919 9.5
DARTMOUTH 20676 10.53
COLUMBIA 36293 6.05

How Tough Is It To Get Into Ivy League 2018?

Securing admission into Ivy League is a matter of prestige and reputation since the eight institutions flaunt a record of admitting less than 10% of the applied students with Harvard’s being the lowest at 5%. However, students do apply and secure a flamboyant seat there. Let us get through the points that precisely work in favor:

  • ‌The two key factors working in favor of Ivy League 2018 are excellent grades and impressive SAT test, which immediately helps your application cross the primitive hurdle. Besides, choice of subjects in which excelling can be the easiest for the student is also advised.
  • ‌It might sound as too superficial to be true but the statistical records of the last ten years boast a record of having the most genuine students in its batch. The ones who would genuinely be helpful and honest in person hold a higher chance of getting into Ivy Leaguesince authenticity is a major key to success.
  • ‌Apply Early Decision/ Early Action

Being one of the most fruitful ways, Early Decision/Early Action applications hold a higher chance of getting accepted. However, the chance is reserved for only one institution. Hence, students should apply Early Decision only if they are 100% sure to get into it,if succeeded.

  • ‌Master The Essay Section

Getting into Ivy League 2018 holds a sure chance if the student can really impress with their essay as it reflects the personality of the studentby giving a clear idea about the person as a whole. Hence, both the interview and essay writing should be equally stressed for bagging success into the Ivy League.

  • ‌Enroll Into Reputed High Schools

Reputed high schools holding a world-class record of academic excellence are known to suggest their best candidates for Ivy Leagues. Students aspiring to be a part, henceforth make it a point to attend an elite institution or any honorable preparatory school to make it to the Ivy League.


The Ivy League speaks the word of sophistication and sheer excellence in every field, which is why the students applying for it are also expected to mold themselves in an incomparable way. Besides the above-mentioned factors, one should also focus on building up an impressive personality. To win the race, students are also advised to seek the help of experts, if needed, which would never do any harm.

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